Celebrities portraits have long attracted artists who want to put their own individual slant on some of the world’s most iconic individuals. Dan Pearce is a London based mixed media artist who is creating stunning artworks of celebrities, ranging from David Bowie and Kate Moss to George Michael and Muhammed Ali, making him one of the most interesting emerging contemporary painters in recent times.
Working from his garden studio in London, Pearce was influenced by pop and street art including stencil masters such as ELK and C215. Over the last few years, he’s developed his style to combine digital imagery with fine art and his works are now exhibited in many galleries around the UK.

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Choose a Celebrity Portrait by an Emerging Artist

If you are looking to invest in new and emerging artists, those working in genres such as urban and street art are exciting options. That includes artists like Dan Pearce who is beginning to gain popularity with dealers and collectors across the country. Whether you are a business that wants to invest in the UK art world or a collector looking for something new and vibrant, Pearce’s approach to the celebrity portrait certainly marks him out as one of the artists to look out for.

Buy Celebrity Pop Art Portraits Online

The good news is that you don’t have to seek out celebrity pop art portraits in galleries – you can now do it online in the comfort of your own home. You can also get an insight into how an artist like Dan Pearce works. Key to his growing success is his natural ability to combine digital imagery with fine art techniques, creating something that is not only a feast for the eyes but also has a tactile, almost sensual quality. Pearce is undoubtedly an artist that is at the top of his game and this is confirmed by his increasing popularity in the art world. If you want images that redefine iconic celebrities then search the online gallery today.

Which Famous Celebrity Portraits Should You Choose?

Dan Pearce has focused on several famous celebrity portraits including rock legend David Bowie, diva Lady Ga Ga and fashion icons Kate Moss and Twiggy. To each image he brings his own, unique approach to paint and texture to produce truly memorable images that certainly draw their inspiration from street art and pop culture but create something totally different. You can now buy Dan’s own personal slant on those famous celebrity portraits online.

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