Artist Dan Pearce is one of the most exciting emerging talents on the pop and urban art scene. Using media like brushed aluminium and combining it with fine art techniques, Pearce manages to turn iconic images of some of our favourite celebrities into eye catching paintings.
If you are looking for David Bowie art and want something that really reflects the personality of this enduring rock legend, then check out Dan Pearce’s work today.

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Why We Love David Bowie Pop Art

From the late sixties and early seventies, rock icon David Bowie became one of the UK’s biggest and best exports. With memorable songs like Life on Mars and Space Oddity, his music has always been able to transcend generations and cultures. Bowie and his eclectic view of life, which saw him star in films such as The Man Who Fell To Earth, is the perfect subject for pop art and was a big collector himself.
Many artists have tried to capture his essence and his fans are always looking for new and original David Bowie pop art they can add to their collection.

Choosing David Bowie Art Prints

There are literally thousands of images of David Bowie and you can pick up art prints all over the internet. Finding something different, however, can be a challenge. Many people don’t just want an image to remind them of their rock hero but something that has the kind of artistic value that David Bowie always enjoyed himself.
Whether you are private art collector or a business looking to support up and coming artists, David Bowie original art prints are a great investment for the future.

Art Prints for Sale: Iconic Images of David Bowie

Dan Pearce is a mixed media artist based in London, operating from his garden studio where he produces iconic art prints for sale. He takes images that we all know and love and uses them for the basis of pop and urban art originals. Heavily influenced by some of the major stencil masters such as ELK, he brings all his bold abstract skills to bear on his subjects and has been exhibited by galleries all over the UK and internationally.
If you are searching for David Bowie art prints for sale, take a look at Dan Pearce’s limited editions featuring the rock maestro.

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