George Michael was one of the leading pop musicians of the last three decades. Ever since he burst onto the scene as a member of the pop group Wham in the early 80s, his name has been symbolic of memorable music and multimillion selling records.
Better known for his solo career, he went on to create some of the most iconic albums of the last 20 years, including Faith and Listen Without Prejudice, and filled concert venues all across the world.
Now, the legendary singer has been give a pop art makeover by emerging artist Dan Pearce. Working from his studio in the heart of London, Dan has achieved a reputation for creating stunning pop art works using a mix of brushed aluminium, digital imaging and fine art. Many of his pictures are already on show in galleries around the UK including The Artisan Gallery in Epping and Rennies Gallery in Liverpool.
Pearce brings a rare mix of colour and texture to all his art, helping to breathe new life into iconic images with much-loved celebrities such as George Michael. Since he finished college in Liverpool and settled in London, his work has been heavily influenced by pop art, particularly stencil masters C215 and ELK. His George Michael art is part of a larger collection which takes famous singers, film stars and sportsmen and gives them the pop art treatment.
Apart from George Michael, Pearce has created stunning images of other iconic stars including David Bowie, Audrey Hepburn and Mohammed Ali.

Buy George Michael Pop Art

The good news is that you don’t have to go searching in galleries all across the UK to find George Michael pop art by Dan Pearce. These works are now available as limited editions and originals online. They are a great investment for any George Michael fan, art connoisseur or business looking to invest in emerging UK artists such as Pearce.
The bold, confident colours that Pearce uses in his work have become a signature that captures his mood and talent as well as the individual essence of the characters he studies. He has taken traditional pop art and urban street art methods and put his own inventive spin on things.
If you are looking for unique George Michael pop art to add to your collection, browse Dan Pearce’s online gallery right now.

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