Dan Pearce is originally from Australia but settled in London and works full-time as an artist. He has been tagged as one of the emerging talents of recent years, combining his skill in spray can art with a love of street and urban art influences. Pearce takes iconic images of some of the world’s most famous stars and transforms them into unique and bold paintings.
If you love pop, urban and street art, you’ll be able to see the influences in Pearce’s current work. For the first time, his brilliant spray can art is now available for sale as limited edition prints and original works.

Spray Paint Art of Your Favourite Icon for Sale

Dan Pearce works in the studio at the bottom of his garden in London, using his unique technique to produce an astounding collection of spray paint art for sale. It’s not just the bold imagery that Pearce manages to create but the texture that is included in each work of art. His favoured medium is brushed aluminium, combining digital images with spray paint to produce eye catching and engaging works of art.
Pearce has put his own individual take on a wide range of celebrity icons. He is also available for commissions and has produced works for organisations and businesses across the UK, including Acton Homeless Charity and Prestige Cars in Kent.

Why Buy Spray Paint Art by UK Artists?

There are several reasons why you will want to invest in spray paint art by UK artists. First, you get an original and exciting slant on some iconic celebrities including David Bowie, Lady Ga Ga and Madonna. Buying artwork by emerging artists such as Dan Pearce is a great investment for the future, whether you’re an experienced collector, a business looking for office artwork or simply a fan of a particular icon.

Where to Buy Dan Pearce’s Spray Paint Art

You can, of course, visit many of the galleries around the UK where Dan Pearce’s spray paint art is being exhibited. These include the Water Gate Street Gallery in Chester, Art Republic in Brighton and Zebra One Gallery in London.
You can also now buy many of his works online on this site. All you need to do is browse the original or limited edition spray paint art work on display and buy the one that you like. Dan is often online as well, so if you want to chat about any of his works of art you are welcome to contact him.

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