Transforming iconic images of celebrities lies at the heart of Dan Pearce’s urban art work. It’s something that’s put this London based artist at the heart of the street and pop art movement in the UK in recent times.
Working from a studio at the bottom of his garden, this Australian born artist combines colour and texture with famous portraits of stars such as David Bowie, Mohammed Ali, Kate Moss and Marylin Munroe.

Urban Art Prints

Dan Pearce’s urban art prints utilise a bold mix of printing onto brushed aluminium, incorporating vivid and exciting colour combinations that add a new spin to these well-known images. The artist is heavily influenced by the pop and street art movement and brings a whole new dimension to the mix between digital and paint mediums.
The good news is that you can now get limited editions of his striking urban art prints online.

Buy Urban Art

The cultural contribution of urban art has been hard won over the years. Since it began to appear almost half a century ago, critics and collectors have often struggled with its place in the art world. It’s anarchic nature and failure to often follow the rules, has increasingly made it a popular medium, however, admired and bought by private collectors and businesses around the world.
Dan Pearce brings his own sense of the urban subculture to transform iconic digital images of celebrities as diverse as Kate Moss and David Bowie. His process involves using brushed aluminium, putting down a digital image and then using colour, spray paint and texture to transform it into something that is both socially and politically charged.
More and more people are attracted to buying urban art online, searching the internet for new and exciting artists like Dan Pearce who are emerging onto the scene.

Urban Art Prints for Sale

Working from his garden studio in London, Dan Pearce is an Australian born, UK urban artist with a growing reputation. With many of his works exhibited in galleries around the country, the artist is now making limited editions of his paintings available online. Here you’ll find elegant, colourful and dramatic urban art prints for sale from one of the rising star in the pop art movement.
If you want to own one of the works from this up and coming urban artist, browse the limited edition and originals selection today.

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