Twiggy was the face of fashion for much of the 60s and has remained an icon ever since. With her waif-like looks and high profile she is generally considered as the first supermodel. Acting roles in films such as Ken Russell’s The Boyfriend cemented her fame and has made her the perfect subject for artists and photographers over the years.

Dan Pearce is an urban and street artist who operates from his garden studio in London. Heavily influenced by the stencil masters such as ELK and C215, he has created a bold collection of original art works and limited editions of some of the most famous people in the world. His transformation of iconic images of Twiggy has really caught the attention in recent times.

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Discover Twiggy Wall Art

Dan Pearce uses a mixed media approach to his work, taking digital images of celebrities and transforming them with his own unique take on the pop and urban art genre. Using materials such as brushed aluminium, combined with resins and fine art techniques, he’s able to create stunning and bold images that certainly catch the eye. It’s not just the visual impact of Pearce’s Twiggy wall art that people are raving about – his pictures have a tactile quality that almost seems to bring the works to life.

Twiggy Pop Art: The Perfect Art Genre

Twiggy has been immortalised over the years by photographers and artists from around the world. She remains one of the most easily recognisable fashion icons of the last fifty years and still causes a stir when she appears in public. Like many of the subjects Dan Pearce chooses for his works, including David Bowie and Amy Winehouse, the history and mystery that surrounds images of Twiggy are what make her perfect for the pop art treatment.

Where to Buy Twiggy Art for Sale

Dan Pearce has his works exhibited in galleries across the UK including the Zebra One Gallery in Hampstead and the Silver Star Gallery in Chester. Buying work by contemporary artists is becoming increasingly popular for home owners, avid collectors and business looking to invest in new and upcoming talent. The good news is that you can now buy Twiggy art for sale online, direct from Dan Pearce himself. There are a range of original and limited-edition prints available. Pearce is also available for commissions if you are searching for something personal and unique to your needs.

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