Graffiti art has produced some inspiring and memorable images over the decades. From brilliant street artists such as Banksy in the UK to Mr Cartoon in LA, there’s always been something anarchic and exciting about this kind of work that often seems to appear mysteriously out of thin air.
The good news is that you can now get graffiti art for sale online from emerging talents like Dan Pearce. Influenced by stencil masters such as ELK, Pearce has a growing reputation for creating iconic portraits of celebrities, drawing on all the exciting attributes of graffiti art.

The Rise of Graffiti Art in the UK

The graffiti art movement began in New York in the 80s and quickly became embraced as a movement there. It took a little longer to take on in the UK but, as in New York, the images have always seemed to be associated with political or social comment. Often tagged ‘art through vandalism’, the techniques and ideas of graffiti art have been utilised by many UK artists including Dan Pearce.

Why You Should Buy Graffiti Art

Graffiti art doesn’t have to be put on a wall anymore and you can now buy works that can be hung in the home or office. Dan Pearce uses a combination of brushed aluminium, bringing fine art and spray paints together with digital imagery. He focuses on redefining well-known celebrities including David Bowie, Kate Moss, Lady Ga Ga and George Michael.
This form of artistic expression is proving popular with businesses who want to invest in innovative emerging artists as well as collectors who are looking for the next new thing. You can now browse Dan Pearce’s graffiti art here and buy it online.

Graffiti Art for Sale UK

Working from his garden studio in London, Dan Pearce has had his graffiti art exhibited in galleries across the UK, including Liverpool, Glasgow, Chester and Nottingham. In the past, you would have had to visit these galleries to get a view of any emerging artist’s work. Now you can find them for sale in the UK online.
Dan Pearce has produced a range of engaging, thought provoking images for sale, bringing his own individual slant to celebrity images. With Pearce’s take on graffiti art, it’s not just about the visual feast for the eyes but the tactile component that he naturally incorporates into each work.
If you want to find brilliant graffiti art for sale in the UK, browse Dan Pearce’s work right now.

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